Yondu Visitor Management System

Apr 12 2019

Visitor Management System FAQs

We talked about visitor management systems and how an automated one can be extremely beneficial for your worksite.

Now let’s talk about Yondu’s very own visitor management system software, ViMa.


What is ViMa?

ViMa is an office reception tool that will enable you to keep track and manage visitors coming in and out of your office. Being an automated visitor management system, it counteracts risks that a manual system may bring. It has high impact with reliable security and valuable insights, while contributing to a manageable workflow. Plus, it helps prepare you for emergencies.


How exactly does it benefit your organization?

ViMa speeds up the registration, verification, and sign-outs of visitors making tracking and monitoring a lot faster and efficient.

It also takes control of the visitor experience and welcomes them to your premises. Just like an actual receptionist!

It ensures the safety of your visitors by informing them of emergencies via SMS.

One of the main perks of having an automated visitor management system like ViMa is it provides highly reliable security for your employees as well as your worksite. With this, you can keep track of all your visitors – their identity, destination, purpose of visit and the host they are visiting. Just like your good old log book, without the inaccuracies and uncertainties brought about by unreadable penmanship.

If you’re looking at reports and analytics, ViMa can definitely help. Easily retrieve in-depth information on visitor types, recurrence, peak times, and other important data and insights.

Most importantly, ViMa is customizable. You can fine tune the software to suit your requirements and processes.


How does it work?

First, your visitors register through the ViMa Kiosk. Just like a traditional visitor management system, information such as your visitor’s name, company, purpose, contact person and ID  is digitally gathered and stored.

Next, the host is notified of the visitor and will have the choice to accept or decline. Here, the receptionist can bypass the acceptance status.

Once the visitor is accepted by either the host or the receptionist, an ID badge is printed. At this stage, all information stored can also be printed in addition to the date and time of registration.

Then the visitor will be granted access to the premises.

After the transaction, the visitor signs out with his or her visit fulfilled or cancelled.


What are its features?

BADGE ID. ViMa helps identify visitors in the area with ID badges that are customizable, detailed and printable.

AUTHORIZATION. The hosts can also accept or reject an appointment easily by informing the reception through web access.

NOTIFICATIONS. The host, visitor and reception receive relevant notifications through email, Google Hangouts and SMS. That’s equivalent to a 24/7 reception!

SIGN-OUT. Sign-out status can be modified on the fly and log whether the purpose has been fulfilled or cancelled.

INTEGRATION. ViMa has ready integration components that can be linked directly to your external systems.

DIRECTORIES. You can upload and manage directories or connect to an active directory to identify employees for automatic ViMa recognition.

USER MANAGEMENT. User profiles and access privileges can be added, modified or uploaded using the ViMa administration feature.

TRACKING AND REPORTING. ViMa includes built-in graphs and stats with an option to export raw logs for easy monitoring. With ViMa keeping a log of all user activity, it’s very easy to maintain and audit.

DASHBOARD. ViMa gives the admin a snapshot of all important information such as who are currently in the premises and unconfirmed meetings.


How does ViMa perform against Traditional Reception Engagements?

Depending on the date and time of visit, it can take as long as three days to search the logs and find the visitor information of any particular person with a traditional visitor management system. With ViMa, it takes five seconds to search for a visitor with his or her complete details.

Regarding reports, ViMa can generate stats and valuable insights in as short as 20 seconds while with typical log reports, it can take a week.

During emergencies, time is of the essence. Traditionally, contacting all visitors about proper evacuation can take as long as 30 minutes. With ViMa, it only takes 30 seconds to activate the emergency code.

With manual reception engagements, it is nearly impossible to identify people who are in the premises more than the typical visitation time. Within 30 seconds, ViMa can trigger alerts of visitors who took unnecessarily long time in the premises.

There are a myriad of benefits ViMa can provide your company, people, and worksite making it a straightforward solution to many visitor management issues.


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