Totally Rad: 90's Rewind

Dec 13 2018

Yondu Takes on the 90’s Era with “Totally Rad: 90’s Rewind”!

Ain’t no party like a Yondu party!

To celebrate the holiday season and to celebrate what makes Yondu unique – its roster of talented and well-developed employees – we headed off to Blue Leaf Events Hall at McKinley Hill for Yondu’s annual Christmas Party!

This year, we went and relived some of the nostalgia and got back to our childlike spirits with a 90’s theme. After all, with young but vibrant people in our team, everyone is sure to relate to the crazy vibes that the era brought to the party!

90s Vibes!

Everyone showed up in their best 90’s outfits – surely a great blast from the past for most of us that are certified 90’s kids – and rocked to the most iconic tunes from the era. Even our awesome hosts made sure to get into the spirit by dressing up as some of the most significant cultural icons from the era such as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and more! Among our illustrious party attendants were Raymond Racaza and Mar Corpuz from our parent company Xurpas, Inc., and Albert de Larrazabal from Globe Telecom.

Ms. Joan with some of our VIP Guests

And what’s a party without a little competitive spirit? A dance contest was held between the different departments to see who can best dance, sing, and impersonate the different iconic 90’s personalities of their choosing! Everyone was more than geared up with their performances and it was a battle to behold! In the end, the group comprised of Talent Acquisitions, Human Resources, Office of the President, and Finance slayed and took the top spot!

Employee of the Year!

We also took the time to recognize those who have been with the company for five and ten years, as well as the topnotch Yondudes who have worked to the best of their ability and thus were eligible for “Employee of the Year” award. This was later awarded to our own Peter Jules Canete! Congratulations!

We hope you had lots of fun, Yondudes! To the next event!