Mar 19 2019

Yondu Goes to: HackerX Manila

When you’re in the Talent Acquisitions, the opportunity to connect with some of the top talents within the industry feels like a prestige in and of itself. It’s not often that easy to find these hidden gems, but when you have the chance to meet them, it is a crucial moment to convince them to join your ranks.

Luckily, there’s such an event that bridges the gap between the elusive but illustrious pool of high-ranking candidates and a company’s Talent Acquisitions Group: HackerX.

HackerX has been held in some of the biggest countries in the world, such as the US, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Italy, Thailand, Greece, Switzerland, the UK, and Japan.

They became the way for some of the world’s most innovative companies and fastest-growing startups to connect with the people that fit their ranks well.

Within the few hours of the event, you can meet up to two hundred potential candidates, all with their unique skills and personalities. In essence, this is like a recruitment speed dating event!

Yondu's humble but dynamic HackerX spot

HackerX Goes to Manila

This year, they’ve ventured to the Philippines – unarguably the fastest-developing IT and technology industry hub in this side of Asia. And Yondu has been privileged to be invited to the first HackerX in Manila!

We were joined by several well-known companies in the country, such as TaskUs, Accenture, Arcanys, Robert Walters, Höegh Autoliners, and Leflair.

In the duration of the speed dating – err, the recruiting event, we put our charming faces on as we got to know the promising candidates invited to take part in the happenings. And they certainly were some of the best talents we’ve faced! They all gave us a lot to gush about like we were 10-year-olds with a grade school crush!

Playing cupid with the Yondu recruiter!

Wonder who we’ll open our doors for after this event? We’re still in the courting phase, but we’re confident we charmed them enough with our wit and good looks!

Meanwhile, check out the HackerX website and see just how prestigious the event is. Who knows? Maybe we’ll catch you there next year!

See you at the next event!

Yondu found love at HackerX!


You Can Still Join Us!

Didn’t catch us at HackerX Manila? Don’t worry – we’re still opening our doors for everyone who wants to be part of the Yondude initiative! Head on over to our Careers Page and see if you have what it takes!