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Sep 28 2017

Yondu gives one of the Philippines’ oldest and largest companies disaster preparedness boost

One of the Philippines’ oldest and largest companies, has just gotten major technological upgrade with its new disaster preparedness system

In need for a system to monitor employees during times of calamity and disaster, leading IT firm Yondu developed the system that allows to monitor employees real-time.

“The system is able to provide alerts and live updates to employees by broadcasting messages, maintaining useful resource links, linking important Twitter updates, and more,” the company said.

Through this system, employees can track latest updates and information from the company via Command Center, which displays broadcast messages sent by administrators. For instance, when a calamity strikes, administrators can identify and post safe areas for reference of the employees. The system also allows employees to see and confirm incidents reported by their co-workers.

One of the most important features is it displays relevant Twitter posts from the government and non-government organizations.