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Oct 31 2018

Yondu Gears Up For 2019 with “Hitting the Apex”

A new company year means new strategies to strengthen company efforts, reinvent processes, and boost end results. But to make visions into reality, there needs to be an overarching theme that will guide all operations throughout the year to meet the new goals. And as one of the leading IT solutions company in the Philippines, Yondu is meeting the coming 2019 with its theme of “Hitting the Apex: Drive to Market Leadership”.


An Overview of “Hitting the Apex”

Official Poster of Hitting the Apex

In 2018, Yondu realized its “Need for Speed” towards digital transformation. In this age, brands, organizations, companies, and other entities must adapt to the digital age, otherwise they’ll be falling behind the race. As a go-to partner promoting relevant and innovative solutions, Yondu has poised itself to be the enabler of this vision.

This 2019, we’re doing things differently.

In auto-racing, there exists an optimal path around a course that provides racers the fastest route through a corner while maintaining a near-straight line and maximum speed. To achieve this, drivers must hit the “apex” – a point in a corner where a car is closest to the inside edge of the track – at the right time and in the right speed.

Too early of an entry into the curve means that the driver risks getting left behind in their slower exit. Too late of a turn, and they’ve missed the optimum apex point, making their maneuver harder to control.

This is the concept where the theme is derived from. Our goal in 2019 is to “hit” our apex – the best position for us to accelerate through our obstacles and competition in the racetrack that is our market standing. Progression towards the apex must be timed, with all aspects that affect the turn be addressed and optimized.

If we succeed, we have a great chance of establishing ourselves as a leader in the race.


2019 Strategic Planning Kick-Off

Yondu at Barcino SM Aura for the Kickoff Party

Yondu at Barcino SM Aura for the Kickoff Party


Last September 17, 2018, the Yondu team held the 2019 Strategic Planning Kick-Off to officially begin the planning stage for all of the company’s efforts for 2019. The company’s Mancom, headed by our President Joan Penaflorida and joined by the heads of the different business units, spearheaded the efforts.

Top Down and Bottom Up

The events scheduled for Yondu’s Strategic Business Planning for 2019


The strategy planning started with determining which direction Yondu should go to for the coming year. This involved the investigation of the external industry review – seen in the form of our previously-published Philippine ICT Industry Trends of 2019 – and internal review of Yondu’s 2018 achievements were presented. They established the key factors that will set the tone for all strategic efforts for the different business units for 2019 and beyond.

The Yondu Heads in their stylish biker-inspired outfits for the Kickoff!

The Yondu Heads in their stylish biker-inspired outfits for the Kickoff!


Yondu Hitting the Apex Kickoff

A busy team in the middle of the Kickoff Party!


Yondu Mancom

Cheers from our Mancom!


Yondu Mancom cheers!

Cheers to the Yondu 2019 gameplan!


Yondu Mancom and BU Heads

The different business units’ heads with the Yondu Mancom pose for the cam!


2019 Strategic Planning Offsite

Yondu Mancom and BU Leads at Tagaytay

We headed off to Anya Resort at Tagaytay for the two-day offsite planning!


The most recent event held for Yondu’s 2019 Strategic Business Planning was the Strategic Planning Offsite, where the Yondu leaders headed off to Tagaytay City for a two-day program and presentation of their 2019 strategies per business unit: Talent Acquisition Group, Talent Solutions Group, Enterprise Solutions Group, Technology Group, and Support Team – comprising of Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Strategy, and Product and Innovations.

Yondu mancom at Offsite

Hello, Mancom!


This is imperative to get everyone from each business unit on the same page and tie together all efforts involved. Each strategy and action plan were crafted to achieve the overarching strategy and goal of Yondu for the coming year. Like a well-oiled and fine-tuned machine, clear understanding and connection between all departments will ensure that Yondu’s drive to market leadership will be strongly possible and Hitting the Apex will be a reality.

Offsite Planning 1

Busybodies during the event as everyone is fully focused for the planning.


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