Jan 21 2019

Yondu CODECAMP: The First Season!

Learning new information and gaining skills are vital for any professional’s or would-be professional’s development. And with such a dynamic industry such as the IT world, it’s crucial that we all undergo regular training to update ourselves on what’s new and happening in the field. And this is the basic premise of Yondu’s first ever bootcamp program, “CODECAMP”.

Launched back in October 8, 2018, Yondu’s CODECAMP provides training opportunities in a corporate dynamic learning environment to aspiring IT professionals, whether new players in the industry fresh from the academe or those being groomed as key personnel in their respective workplaces.

Website Factory

The training program started with a warm welcome for everyone through the CODECAMP Launch, headed by the Learning and Development Manager, Roxanne Tamayo. Fifteen Code Campers, as well as Subject Matter Experts from Yondu’s Mobile Factory (Jose Santos IV and John Felix Lim), Software Factory (Earwin Delos Santos and Frederico Manalang, Jr.), and Website Factory (John Paul Lorenzo and Reine Ojeda). Of course, even our Mancom didn’t miss the opportunity to be involved with the official launch!

Through the Yondu CODECAMP, we introduced emerging technologies in software development to the Campers, which are not yet included in any academic curriculum. We also used a blended learning approach, which involved both seminar-type lessons and hands-on exercises with actual projects.

Mobile Factory

Afterwards, weeks of CODECAMP sessions eventually culminated to the CODECAMP Graduation, held last December 14, 2018. It was a grand event that celebrated the success of the first ever bootcamp of the company, as well as the successful growth and development of the participants through the program. Topnotchers from each Camp Unit that the participants were assigned to were recognized as well during the ceremony, tagged as Most Valuable Campers (MVCs).

During the graduation, our President, Joan Penaflorida, gave her opening remarks, the SMEs imparted their final advice for the Codecampers, and Chief Technical Officer, Joy Go gave her speech and officiated the awarding and certifications of the SMEs as they graciously helped in the entirety of the bootcamp and of the participants’ successful completion of the course. Lastly, our Vice President Chachi Cordero officially ended the first round of CODECAMP with her final remarks.

Software Factory

MVC Awardees from each Camp Unit include Edward Aldrin Castro for Mobile Factory, Von Matthew S. Alfafara for Software Factory, and Mark Jeabhoy Aquino for Website Factory. Congratulations to everyone!

With the success of Yondu’s first round of CODECAMP, the future is looking bright for our goal of helping develop the IT industry of the Philippines. We hope to see you guys soon for the next round of CODECAMP!