The Power Of HR Solutions

Aug 28 2018

HR in a Digitized World: The Power of HR Solutions

Most people that aren’t privy to a company’s inner workings wouldn’t consider the Human Resources Department to be affected by and need technology the most. But they are. After all, they’re the ones that deal with a plethora of employees’ files, requirements, and needs.

Managing so many people can get confusing pretty quickly, especially if your HR department is dealing with hundreds of employees.

(Trust us, we have more than 600.)

In the age of digital transformation, however, Human Resources has seen a beacon of hope, as digitalized solutions made exactly for their needs are starting to show up in the market. Not every company has the chance to enjoy this amazing development yet, but we’re slowly getting there. Ideally, in the near future, almost all HR work be strongly augmented by digital HR solutions for faster and more streamlined processes.

In fact, you may have seen the digitization of HR already starting.


Digitization of HR: Past vs. Present (Yondu)

Digitization of HR: Past vs. Present   

Basic HR roles include keeping and updating all employee records, tracking their time-ins and time-outs, computing payroll, and accomplishing all employee-related legal matters. The bigger the employee roster, the more files they should manage. One mistake could set all progress back to square one.

Technological advancements, however, has made it possible to mitigate some of the burden that HR faces by automating data they need, such as timekeeping and payroll computation. Some companies have migrated their employee records to digital storage for easier organization and revisions. Employees themselves can file their own leaves or absences without needing to bother the department.


Why Opt for Digital HR Solutions? (Yondu)

Why Opt for Digital HR Solutions?    

According to a survey of 170 companies by Bridge Southeast Asia, most Philippine companies are already using digital means to carry out some of their HR-related operations. And while some do encounter problems or bugs in their system, it’s still a proven fact that they’ve managed to speed up their transactions for the most part.

But what makes digitizing your HR processes the ideal solution in this age?


Less Paperwork (Yondu)

  • Less paperwork

A digital system means that everything you need to accomplish is done without having to sift through thousands of paperwork – only through folders or files in the computer. A simple search through your system will yield the files you need, which can be filled out digitally and submitted to and from the HR department through file transfers. This eliminates the need to print multiple files and sort them all painstakingly.


Saves Time (Yondu)

  • Saves time

Again, think of it this way: when you’re handling a large number of employees, you’ll need to process everything they need one by one traditionally. The time you’re wasting for printing, walking the paperwork, etc. could’ve been used to accomplish other tasks. A digital HR system, however, allows you to automate some tasks in the background while you’re busy attending to other tasks.


Synchronization (Yondu)

  • Synchronization

Storing employee records, forms, and other necessary documents through a cloud-based HR program storage allows you and the employees to access those important records anytime and anywhere they need them. This eliminates the delay of getting and processing these records, enables quicker updates of records, and ensures that you have a reliable backup during emergencies.


Environment Friendly (Yondu)

  • Environment friendly

A surprising advantage of digitizing HR processes is establishing a “greener” company. By making use of programs crafted for the department’s specific needs and processes, they use less paper and materials for employee records and other HR-related documents. There is less waste produced by outdated documents, files with mistakes, etc.

And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


Streamline Your HR Processes

There’s no reason for your HR department to suffer through the painstaking process of managing heaps of employee records. Our HR Solutions will make sure that your team is optimized and efficient with their responsibilities.

And if there’s anything you need to know more about our HR Solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!