Yondu IT Staff Augmentation

Jul 24 2018

Staff Augmentation: Something about synergy

Successful companies don’t get there overnight. It takes a lot of work, and we don’t mean that in a patronizing, bootstrappy kind of way. When operations scale, people are going to have to step in to meet the demand. Hiring permanent staff may not be immediately viable, so outsourced specialists are a reasonable option for this period.

If the financials line up, an augmented team could easily make short work of the considerable workloads incurred during times of growth. So what’s keeping anyone from bringing a roster of additional experts into the fray?

There’s still a bit of a challenge there. Companies are an inherently synergistic structure, and coordination between departments could very well be a make-or-break thing. How do you get an outsourced team to work in lock-step with organic staff?

Staff Augmentation, with the proper arrangements, might be the solution.

All the right beats

Closeness is a huge part of what makes things work, and it’s not just the physical proximity. Having a native understanding of a company’s processes and technology is essential if you want bigger campaigns to work without a hitch.

Outsourcing shouldn’t be a problem, but you should go the extra mile in ensuring that your external staff is on par with the company’s own reasonable standards. Most outsourced professionals are up to snuff in terms of sheer technical knowledge and skill, but knowing how to integrate them with your existing staff is where the real work is.

The need for clear lines of communication is especially pressing in this situation. Managers would benefit greatly from internal processes that allow them to engage with outsourced staff directly. If your organizational tree is looking a bit more tangled than it needs to be, you might want to sort that out before bringing new members into the fray.

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