Staff Augmentation

Jun 6 2018

Staff Augmentation: How to know if you’re ready for growth

Companies generally strive for growth and would jump at their first chance at funding. Insights and things like reach might be looking up, but for many investors, they sure aren’t buying—not right away, at least. Learn to watch out for signs of false growth.

While positive stats on various business metrics may be enticing at first, a savvy investor could tell whether or not this perceived growth is sustainable. Nothing hurts more than to be proven wrong about your pet project when your website traffic for example, begins to plateau.

Now, what’s it really like to scale? Okay, think about the long game here. Your data may indicate spikes but prepare for them to not be the case forever. It sounds a little disappointing, but you won’t be out of the woods for a while. The key here, is to establish what your standard for acceptable, consistent cash flow is.

Going steady

It goes without saying, but you have to determine if the pace of your productivity is a pattern that will continue over time. Understating your initial success may have to be the case, but you could shift those goalposts later on.

The next point might be the most important thing though. It’s generally a good indicator of sustainable growth if you routinely get more actual, paid work than you’re currently prepared for. It sounds like you’re pushing it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

At some point, you’re going to want to test the waters for growth—all while meeting demand. For enterprise-level operations, the option of taking on external staff to supplement an existing team would be an incredibly convenient option.

Bringing in the A-Team

When you’re on your way to what appears to be sustainable growth, this is where you start reaching out to meet demand. Staff Augmentation is a way of addressing these spikes without any long-term impact for the company.

The flexibility of an option like this is a strategic planner’s best friend. You could scale the size of your operation to meet demand, but it doesn’t have to be there if the numbers don’t add up on any given season.

If you base your business decisions on sustainable cash flow and have a means of meeting the upper reaches of demand, it’ll be a lot easier to convince people you’re ready for the next step. Staff Augmentation could be the sign that your company is ready for larger-scale investment.

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