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Apr 6 2018

Staff Augmentation: Bringing in the A-Team

Staff Augmentation is a great way to meet a growing market.

2018 is looking to be a great year for the information economy. Greater smartphone penetration and a stronger digital market appear to indicate growth for IT companies in the Philippines. Growth however, is not without its tradeoffs. Increased demand could place a quite a bit of additional strain on a company’s organic headcount, but there are ways to fix that. Companies could address these growing needs by supplementing their existing workforce with quality, outsourced staff.

Staff Augmentation is a service that takes external specialists and integrates them with a company’s existing organizational structure. It helps companies take on increased demand without any long-term risks to the organization— scaling to fit industry needs on a per-need basis. This makes it easier for companies to adapt to bubbles and lean months alike.

The hiring process also makes for a highly qualified team of experienced talent. Outsourced staff are taken from a pool of the best and brightest minds available. Attrition rates are also a non-issue here, thanks to guaranteed staffing requirements. Companies will see considerable productivity—no matter what.

Flexibility isn’t the only reason companies turn to Staff Augmentation, though. The service also grants a level of strategic precision that isn’t always present in other forms of outsourcing. Because external specialists are placed within the organization, management decisions may be overseen and enforced organically, alongside in-house staff. It’s incredibly easy to align with internal strategic goals on the fly.

When the going gets tough, you could always call the A-Team.

Staff Augmentation in a nutshell

Staff Augmentation allows you to supplement your existing workforce with a competent team of experts.

What they’re good at

  • Supplementing your current team of specialists
  • Close working relationships with in-house teams and management
  • Addressing spikes in demand while you explore a growing market segment

What they’re known for

  • Low attrition
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Highly competent experts

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