With just one click, convert your marketing campaign to SMS and connect with 90 million of phone users in the country with Mobile360!

Text Blast

A full-featured SMS broadcaster that lets you run easily scalable campaigns, no matter which device you're on! It's available as a mobile application and web-based dashboard, making sure that you can send your campaigns even when on the go, has fully-customizable sender details and message so you can stay on branch and use reports to optimize your next campaigns!

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SMS Polls

Easily conduct surveys, contests, and other voting-based campaigns without needing to wait for the platform to be developed from scratch with Tally, a ready-made SMS voting platform! Data updates as soon as they are received, making for highly-accurate results, and your Tally polls are fully customizable so you can stay on-brand!

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SMS Queue

SMS Queue is your lightweight but powerful option for your queue management needs through SMS. When you have an organized queue that organizes foot traffic in your establishment, your employees have less distractions and stress. You're also paying for how many people you had, making it a powerfully-flexible expense!

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2-Way SMS

Bring a personal touch to your customer experience with 2-way SMS – our live SMS-based engagement solution! Connect stronger with your customers, give them the most efficient communication channel they need to connect with your business even when they’re offline, and monitor messages more accurately within a single platform optimized for your process!

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One-Time Pin

One-time PIN or OTP makes user verification safe and hassle-free. It’s integrated in your system, making sure that you have full control on the SMS verification from the inside, and even provides your with detailed and real-time analytics that can be used to optimize your process. SMS through PIN is prioritized up to the telco, ensuring that your recipients get their verification without delay.

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SMS Gateway via API

Our HTTP and SMPP protocol gives you the power to send out bulk SMS with whichever platform you choose. Connectivity is seamlessly integrated into your existing applications, allowing you to do more within the system you’re most comfortable with. No matter how big your recipient list is, it can accommodate your needs just fine, helping you reach everyone with one click.

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