Timekeeping System

Let Yondu do the math for you! Computing your employees' earnings will be hassle-free with our reliable payroll solutions!


Keep up with the times and up your timekeeping game with Yondu’s advanced timekeeping system. Say hello to facial recognition and goodbye to human errors with this new technology.

Business Challenge

Yondu’s HRIS system makes sure you won’t have to worry about missing logs or incorrect time-in and time-out, even with flexi-time setting. With our timekeeping system, you can keep your attendance records spotless that will surely be the envy of other HR teams.
Minimize human error with our easy-to-use digital system your HR team will love. Plus, our HRIS system has a data migration feature to help you import your data without breaking a sweat!


You will be impressed with Yondu’s solutions system that provides you real-time computing of attendance data! With your timekeeping data readily available for links to other HR systems, consolidating all-time attendance data and creating comprehensive reports will be a breeze.
Maximize the time of your team by focusing your manpower to the things that matter and let us handle the timekeeping job without missing all your deadlines.


With the help of Yondu’s Time Attendance System, your employees and HR team will have a seamless experience from clock-in to pay-out. With Yondu as your partner in timekeeping, you can now kiss errors goodbye.