Human Resource Information System

Save time and money when it comes to managing your employees' masterfile records. Here's the 411 on efficiently securing and managing your 201 files.


Make use of Yondu’s tried and tested human resource management system! Governed by strong security practices, this topnotch IT company offers an advanced HR information system that will manage all your employees masterfile records safely, no matter how complex your processes are

Business Challenge

Eliminate unnecessary human errors with our updated and upgraded HRIS. From your employees’ birthdays to disciplinary actions and medical records, we have a systematic approach in making sure your files are organized and highly secured. Overlook nothing with our easily-accessible solution to all your HRIS woes.
Expect improved productivity with our management system which will aid your team in HR, payroll, management and other reports in one portal.


With Yondu’s reliable HR software, our system will help improve efficiency by migrating all your data into our centralized system so your human resources team can easily generate employee reports without lifting a finger away from their computers.
Let Yondu handle the paperwork so your team can deal with other pressing issues other than run-of-the-mill employee requests.


Your HR filing problems are one less thing to worry about with Yondu’s HRIS. From your employees; recruitment to separation, we got you covered!