Employee Self-Service

No more manual filing of leaves and change of schedules and say hello to this new system you will love to have on your team.


Meet the Employee Self Service portal, your employees; one-stop shop for their HR needs. From viewing their own 201 file to filing their overtimes, leaves, official business trips and other changes in schedules, this system is all you and your team need to lessen the burden on your HR crew without sacrificing security and accuracy.

Business Challenge

What paperwork? Go online and give your employees access to their file information through this kiosk. Create an error-free HR system by allowing your employees to edit misinformation and supply missing information.


With its user-friendly interface and capacity to handle thousands of employees all at once, it will cut time when it comes to dealing with the HR team while giving both employees and approvers real-time connection to file and/or approve applications. You can save up on manpower by this digital move!
No more misplaced paperwork as this HR system consolidates all your files in one portal. Empower your employees as they can view their attendance records and file necessary forms in real-time with our offering. Save on labor hours with our help, so your personnel can handle other important tasks that need your
Approvers can go online to create schedules and approve overtime, leaves, official business trips, change of schedules and time logs. Plus, human resourcess can create reports as easy as 1, 2, 3, all in one system.


Not only does this system cut the red tape in the workplace, it also gives everyone a secured access to all the information you and your employees need. Get instant email notification for pending approvals or approved/disapproved filings, request for certificates via this portal and print your own payslips through the ESS!