HR Solutions

A team of super people needs equally-super HR and Payroll processes. Yondu's HR Solutions can be your powerhouse sidekick!

Human Resource Information System

Manage employee masterfile records in one comprehensive yet easy-to-navigate platform. HRIS is governed by strong security practices, ensuring that all the confidential data in its system is highly protected.

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Timekeeping System

Manually computing your employees' schedules, hours of work, and other time and attendance-related matters can be backbreaking. Track employee attendance, monitor timesheets, and keep accurate records without the hassle of manual attendance logs through Timekeeping System.

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Payroll System

Ensure that you're paying your employees the salaries they deserve and at the right time with an automated payroll system that can compute rates with consideration to the all factors involved. Payroll System helps you generate bank transmittals, payslips, payroll register, and government-mandated records in one platform!

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Employee Self-Service

Avoid conflicts between your employees and the HR department by streamlining how important documents and resources are accessed. With the Employee Self Service (ESS) platform, your employees can quickly check all of their records in one platform!

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