Document Management System

Digitalize your vital documents and go beyond digital archiving to increase productivity and boost efficiency in your company with Yondu's Document Management System.


Relieve yourself from mountains of paperwork and invest in the best document management system you can find to ensure the integrity of your vital documents, no matter how old or complicated, with the help of Yondu.

Business Challenge

Upgrade the way you store documents in your organization and convert information into digital format to increase productivity, boost efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline operations with Document Management System.
Go paperless and centralize all your documents in one location, providing ease of access for users while automatizing all information by taking digital photos, audio and video recordings, and imaging of
records, making it easy to archive and back up your physical documents.


With years of experience in DMS, Yondu promises cutting edge technology and best practices in digitalizing your documents so the information you have can deliver its full value whenever you need it.
Even with multi-user access, you are assured of excellent internal information management so you won’t worry about security breaches. You can choose from multiple choices on data storage and deployment, whichever fits your organization’s needs. You need not to worry about overwriting on documents as we provide version control and audit trail as well for an optimized document
handling experience.
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Improve collaboration and storage of documents important in your organization by lessening the paperwork and saying goodbye to filing cabinets. Give way for a more efficient way of organizing files in a digital library through Document Management System so you won’t have to deal with lost and damaged files anymore.