Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Whether you're looking for executive level positions or ramping up your workforce, Yondu will help you find the perfect match. Here's what we are offering under our Recruitment Process Outsourcing.


Looking for the best personnel to join your team but don’t have enough recruiters to do the job? Or are you unsure of what you exactly need and might need to tap the expertise of recruiters to find the perfect match for you and your team? Yondu has your back!

Business Challenge

Our band of impressive recruiters with the right nose for the job has expert knowledge in the tech industry and local job market to provide you the most qualified people you need in your team. From headhunting director positions to IT and non-IT vacancies, you can tap Yondu to do it for you instead of hiring recruiters.
No need to worry about security breaches as we promise extreme confidentiality in handling the recruitment process with less waiting time and faster turnover compared to other outsourced recruiters in the country.


Yondu’s recruiters undergo rigorous trainings and boast vast networks of connections so we can give you the people you need with the skillsets you are looking for. Our recruiters are guided by DOLE’s implementing rules and guidelines on contracting and subcontacting, too so you can be assure you will not have a brush with the law.
Yondu promises fast SLAs, endorsements made within a day with minimum two endorsements daily.


With years of RPO experience under our belt and top Philippine companies availing our service, you can be assured of Yondu’s quality offering as your Recruitment Proces Outsourcing partner. Be it enterprise-wide or project-based, you can have the service customizable and pick the service you need to fit your budget.