Field Service Edition

Fully integrate your field service operations with the back office to keep a real-time view of your customer’s activities across your business

How does Acumatica help in Field Service Management?

The Acumatica Field Service Edition works with manufacturing, sales, inventory, purchasing, accounting, financial reporting, and CRM. This solution allows for centralized dispatching, shortened response times, and reduced costs.

Enhance customer experience with a 360-degree perspective of customer activities, all for competitive advantage and higher recurring revenue.

All applications are web-based and are available anytime, anywhere, using any device making it ideal for people in the field. Acumatica Field Services Management, being part of the Acumatica ERP, offers a seamless transition between applications.

What are the benefits of automating field services operations?

Scheduling, Dispatching, and Call Center

Boost efficiency by scheduling people with the right skills at the right time through Acumatica Field Service Management. Easily get service requirements and relevant information for better and faster responses.

Equipment Management

Track complete equipment records including history, installations, and stocks of repair parts. Acumatica’s integration of sales and service allows for storing of equipment records involving quotes, orders, deliveries, installations, and the actual service work.

Mobile Service Management

With Acumatica’s full web ERP capabilities, your staff members can stay connected using their chosen device with a browser, or the native mobile app (Android and iOS). Service information and customer data are always accessible for business continuity and maximum efficiency.

Project and Cost Tracking

Acumatica Project Accounting (sold as an optional app) works not only for small projects. Track large installations’ expenses, time, and materials to project phases and be able to compare against the budget—all in real-time.

Calls for Emergency Service

Add unplanned service calls using visual tools. See how adjustments to planned routes can affect the team with minimal impact to the set schedule.

Service Contract Management

Monitor service contracts complete with dashboards and alerts. Create, manage, and adjust service schedules with the Schedule Calendar Board for resources and staff.

Warranty Management

Set warranty offers with detailed coverage to avoid issues and elevate customer satisfaction. In cases with multidimensional contracts, be able to track different warranty periods for each component and see which items are under warranty.

Inventory Management

Gain control and monitor the locations and costs of tools as well as repair parts spread across various warehouses. With an integrated system of inventory and purchasing, replenishment orders can be triggered by shortages.

Dashboards and Business Intelligence

Stay up to date with practical information that applies to you using Acumatica business intelligence (BI). Have access to personalized dashboards turning raw data into insightful visuals and analyze trends in real-time.

Team Approach to Sales and Service

CRM is a fully integrated module within Acumatica. A 360-degree view of all customer information is made visible to your entire organization.

Service Management Applications

Service Management

Optimize dispatch systems and access real-time data for work in the field.

Equipment Management

Sold separately, this application allows you to check products related to customers and arrange preventative maintenance.

Advanced Financials

Track your company’s entire financial operations with Acumatica’s financial management software equipped with planning, budgeting, reporting, and analytics tools—designed for large enterprises and small businesses alike.

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There’s always you in Yondu | Yondu Careers

There’s always you in Yondu | Yondu Careers

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