Distribution Edition

Minimize errors in purchasing and order fulfillment, improve inventory tracking, and enhance customer support with Acumatica’s distribution management software.

How does Acumatica help in Distribution Management?

Acumatica’s distribution management software is a Cloud ERP solution that helps enterprises manage supply chain and logistics including inventory management, warehouse management, and order management. It links all these activities with your business’s financials and sales for higher efficiency.

Wholesale distribution software helps in managing costs across your whole supply and distribution chain, saving time and boosting customer satisfaction.

Acumatica’s Distribution Edition is fully integrated with different Acumatica management systems involving warehouse management, customer relationship management, project accounting, manufacturing, and more. Just enter your information once and it will readily be visible across all platforms and to the entire organization.

What are the benefits of distribution management software for your business?

Better manage your inventory

Get real-time visibility of your full inventory including availability, in transit, reorders, and costs

Optimize sales order processing

Minimize order times and reduce costs by streamlining sales orders from quotation to fulfillment. Address complex details involving multiple warehouses, returns, and drop shipments.

Enhance purchasing

Lower costs and guarantee steady supplies with automatic purchasing processes.

Transparent costs

See real-time profitability by business unit, warehouse, product, or location. Manage costs across the whole supply and distribution chain using real-time information.

Distribution Edition Applications

Inventory Management

Get real-time access to your overall inventory. Effectively manage your business’s entire distribution process even with complexities such as multiple warehouses, bin locations, matrix items, and more.

Sales Order Management

Optimize sales order processes and increase productivity using an integrated workflow, with prompt notifications and alerts.

Purchase Order Management

Streamline your global purchasing process and minimize costs. Automate your procurement activities from quotation to invoices with Acumatica’s online sourcing.

Requisition Management

Simplify complicated distribution steps and improve your systems in creating and approving quotes, fulfilling orders, getting requests, obtaining bids, and managing purchases.

Warehouse Management

Optimize distribution processes through advanced warehouse operations, complete with automated routines, efficient barcode scanning, and order verification.

Order Management

Stay on top of sales activities, automate how you fulfill orders, and improve procurement functions for seamless stakeholder relationships.

Advanced Financials

Track your company’s entire financial operations with Acumatica’s financial management software equipped with planning, budgeting, reporting, and analytics tools—designed for large enterprises and small businesses alike.

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There’s always you in Yondu | Yondu Careers

There’s always you in Yondu | Yondu Careers

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