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May 23 2018

Software Development: Custom solutions to everyday productivity

Custom software development gets the job done. Full stop.

If it’s a relatively simple set of tasks, your workstation’s off-the-shelf applications might work fine. But the real-world market, much like life, is rarely ever simple. Many companies have complex workloads that demand a certain specificity. What exactly is at stake here, though?

Easy. It’s your productivity. While a roundabout, albeit effective solution is valid, the benefits awarded by a purpose-built tool can make for exponential leaps in performance. By how much? As much as you’re willing to shoot for.

That’s the beautiful thing about custom software development—you don’t just eschew the inherent limitations of existing tools. Identifying a need, and tailor-making a solution to match means you cover all the bases needed to meet your business goals. It’s everything you need, and then some.

The nature of this process means you could prepare for future needs that have yet to arise, all while you take on immediate, pressing concerns.

Fixing a bottleneck

What kinds of bottlenecks are we running into specifically?

Think accounting—make it complex accounting. Could you imagine having to code an Excel sheet for every single department? Or hell, making exemptions for every little bit and bob in your accounting processes? It’s plausible, and you could get a fair amount of work with that, but what if your organizational structure changes? What if you processes change?

Yeah, it’s that kind of rabbit hole. Your daily workload doesn’t have to be a kick in the keister. It could be much, much easier than this, and that’s where a custom software solution shines. You could account for practically everything that could possibly happen in an organization, and add some fancy modular functions to boot—all in the name of doing your job faster and better.

It sounds like a sweet deal.

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