Yondu at work

Yondu’s software development services are backed by a comprehensive structure that has stood the test of time. We make sure our partners get the tailor-fit software solutions they need to achieve maximum operational efficiency and that we deliver these on time.

Yondu Capability

Improve business process with customized software and applications. From web to mobile solutions, and into systems integration, Yondu knows exactly the software solutions that will improve your business.

Web development capability

Yondu does not only create, develop and redesign websites, we also offer dynamic or e-commerce web services for our partners.

  • Design and Development
  • Web Analytics
  • UI/UX/CX
  • Enterprise Wide Integration
  • Authoring and Publishing
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • E-learning

Web and mobile solutions

Yondu offers a comprehensive set of software solutions for an integrated web-mobile system to make sure you get the most out it.

  • Document Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Queuing Management
  • E-commerce / Collaboration / Workflow Management

Mobile solutions

Yondu will help you make the mobile application that is perfect for your business goals, complete with front and back-end management services. This way you can maintain a closer relationship with your customers.

  • Mobile app and business strategy
  • Enterprise Mobility, IoT and API Strategy
  • Mobile Application Development & Maintenance
  • Mobile Application Device Testing

Integration capability

Yondu helps you select the most efficient configuration of software solutions, from web to mobile and beyond, to make sure you get your expected output.

  • Legacy Application Migration and integration
  • Expertise in packaged products, databases and CRM solutions that facilitates seamless integration / migration solutions for complex application architectures.
  • ERP/Data Integration
  • Includes integration analysis and architecture, design, build and implementation
  • Includes application package customizations
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Focuses on web services design, development and implementation