Desktop support brings the support of a centralized IT team to machines over your entire network.

Imagine being one of the few tech-fluent team members in a decidedly normie office environment. The boss needs a print-out, but for some reason, only one person has printer access. It’s you, and the boss is furious. You could imagine how tough it gets when you’re caught in the middle. Whether it’s a missing driver, or an entire system on the fritz, someone has to rise to the occasion. Count on remote desktop support to save the day.

The service ensures that clients have a stable, efficient computing environment. Our Desktop Support team is specially trained in the installation and maintenance of hardware assets, and the maintenance of LAN/WAN networks.

Our Technical Support team is composed of Microsoft-certified individuals with robust experience in support services maintaining 2017-2019 Service Level Agreements.

Interested in extended desktop support?

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