Regular application support and maintenance could make or break your company’s day-to-day operation in major ways.

Abandonware is an incredibly sad thing. Imagine the slow and inevitable death of your favorite applications, languishing in frequent fits of incompatibility and neglect. Such is the plight of unsupported apps and the people that use them. While a source of concern, the outlook doesn’t have to be this bleak. You could continue running support for your apps with a team of experts at your disposal.

Experiencing downtime after developing customized applications is the last thing your business needs. With that, around 15-20 percent of the cost of building an application is budgeted into maintaining the application software. Needless to say, companies thoroughly choose the most cost-effective solution to support their applications.

Here at Yondu, we realize your needs and help you with our Application Support and Maintenance service. Our experienced Customer Service Support team that is composed of 100% ITIL certified individuals provides continuous maintenance and support while minimizing cost via our onsite-offshore model. Get access to new functionalities and enhancements in your existing applications and receive regular updates, patches and monitoring so you will no longer worry about application downtime.

We manage applications developed using a wide variety of technologies for various purposes. Yondu’s expertise spans PHP, Java, .VB Net, C#, HTML, HTMLS, CSS, as well as other platforms, databases, languages, software, and enterprise applications.

Stay ahead of the game as we provide a powerful, simplified, scalable, and efficient Application Support and Maintenance services for seamless process flow and uninterrupted business transactions.

You could eliminate downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and increase your overall productivity with our experienced Application Support team. Our team of experts is 100% ITIL certified, and ready for your varied concerns.

Looking to support your applications?

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