Retail and eCommerce

Take orders, fulfill, repeat

Give your customers a multi-channel shopping experience while enhancing operations. Acumatica allows retailers to improve the in-store experience as well as automate sales and order fulfillment. Built with flexible features that can work on single location or multi-channel requirements, Acumatica Cloud ERP integrates everything in one software solution to upgrade the buying experience and drive customer loyalty.

Work with a streamlined view of your business through Acumatica’s retail ERP solution, consisting of real-time order status, shipment, inventory, and profits. Acumatica Cloud ERP provides 24/7 access and support for work-from-anywhere scenarios giving you high efficiency, flexibility, and business continuity.

Acumatica is designed for eCommerce and Retail

Sales move businesses

Right time, right product, right price.

Prioritize order fulfillment

Make sure it’s available or bid goodbye to the sale. Deliver the customer’s orders as quickly and accurately as possible.

Have a modern POS

Retail Point of Sale is rapidly moving to address buyer expectations.

Today, it’s all about eSelling

The rapid growth in online sales is broadening opportunities as well as challenges for wholesale distribution and online retail industries.

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Discover Acumatica’s Usability Features

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There’s always you in Yondu | Yondu Careers

There’s always you in Yondu | Yondu Careers

There’s always you in Yondu | Yondu Careers