Companies with multiple branches, hundreds or thousands of employees with varying shifts and differing salary structures have the most complex and tedious HR and Payroll processes.

Reduce the errors, turnaround time and cost through Yondu HR Solutions. A comprehensive and customizable solutions to improve productivity and profitability.

 Human Resource Information System (HRIS) 

Manage the employee Masterfile records (201 files) in one place. Governed by strong security practices, your data is also highly secured.

 Timekeeping System

Designed for various shift schedule; Responsible for computing the work hours of employees, shift schedules, holidays, leaves and overtime.

 Payroll System

Generate and compute the payroll amount of employees including Earnings, Deductions and Statutory Contributions from Regular and Special payroll to Annualization.

 Employee Self Service

A self-servicing web-based portal that enables employees directly access their data held in the HR system.