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Spin your way to winning cool and exciting prizes with SpinVia, a mobile app that combines fun and learning just for you. Win “trophies” in three easy steps: answer a trivia, spin and win. Collect trophies and convert them to cool real-life prizes. Check out who is leading the trivia race with a live updated chart.

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WePlay is the ultimate quiz app that lets you learn, play and connect with your friends all at the same time. This cool app combines gaming and social media so you can enjoy and learn together with your friends. WePlay also lets you challenge your friends so will know who among you deserves to be called a fact whiz.

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Get your daily dose of informative and entertaining reads in one free app. Daily Dose gives users the best mobile reading experience with sleek designs and updated news and features articles. The lifestyle magazine app provides the most useful local news reports, health and fitness tips, promo deals, financial literacy tips, inspirational quotes and even bible verses. Sharing your favorite articles to your friends is just one click away with Daily Dose.

UDaily is the ultimate love-your-self app that lets you learn more about yourself. Get quotes of the day, your daily horoscope, and even forecast based on your zodiac sign to guide you in your life. Try UDaily’s personality and IQ tests so you can measure your capabilities. This cool app also allows you to check into a biorhythm charts that tells you about the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of your life.

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