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May 23 2018

Mobile360: or how SMS marketing is relevant in 2018

SMS marketing is still relevant in 2018.

Hard to believe, eh? Well into the internet age, SMS is still a considerable part of public consciousness—but not in ways you might think. As much as we laud the internet for making the world considerably smaller, in some ways, it could be just as alienating.

How does that work, exactly? The internet, for all the information available, is far too saturated to get people to consider your message past the sliver of attention you’re initially given on the feed. It gets frustrating, especially since many companies take to digital platforms in an attempt to reach wider audience.

Meanwhile, in markets like India, parts of Africa, and yes, even the Philippines, companies are making use of SMS to bridge the gap between them and their audiences. Bypassing the saturation of digital marketing, and bringing value to your base on an individual level. But how is this happening in 2018?

Something about closeness

Intimacy is crucial when it comes to having people consider your brand. Not too long ago, SMS marketing caught a terrible rap in the Philippines for text spam from sketchy random numbers. Understandably, the gesture doesn’t come off well. It was annoying at best—impersonal and terribly intrusive at most.

These days, the spam has considerably dialed down, and an opportunity is presented for so many different brands to speak to their customers through SMS again. The ethics of base-building and opt-in subscription are seeing wider use, leading to more meaningful paths for messaging to flow.

Building a new SMS marketing strategy on top of that is the next logical step. Platforms like Mobile360 also allow you to send messages reflecting a pre-determined name instead of a seemingly random phone number. Taking the sketchiness out of a bulk message helps reassure people that this is worthwhile content.

This helps build trust by presenting an honest, consistent face, which also seeks to bring potential customers some semblance of value. The content itself will still be on you, but you could never discount the power a channel like this could bring.

The numbers seem to reflect these insights as well. While some fear that email marketing yields a dismally low open rate, SMS open rates chart as high as 98% with a 45% response rate.

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