Meeting Again For The First Time

May 9 2018

Meeting again for the first time

Hello, it’s us!

How have you been? It’s been a while since we last spoke. In the space between interactions, we’ve each grown to become better than we were before. We just want to let you know what has gone down since you last heard from us.

Big things tend to start out small. Much like trees grow from saplings, Yondu started with a little EGG- the Entertainment Gateway Group, for short. From an incredibly lean three-person content development outfit in the early aughts, the company rose to become one of the industry’s largest digital solutions providers under the eventual leadership of Ms. Joan Penaflorida.

That sounds like a bit of a jump. By some metrics, moving from 3 people to 600 does sound like a world of difference. Yes, things are different- but to be perfectly honest with you, some of the most important things to us haven’t changed.

New skin, old soul

In case you’re wondering what we meant by that last line, it’s simple, really. It’s ultimately about people, and helping them find the best ways to bring value to their lives with commercial technology. At first it was through the creation of digital and mobile content, but has since progressed to fields like IT Staffing, Managed Services, Software Development, HR Solutions, and an SMS-based marketing suite called Mobile360.

Having all of this stuff on offer is one thing, but how do our products and services align with the goal of crafting digital experiences for human ends in mind? Well, you might want to look into some of our previous projects. Clients like a high-profile real estate developer, and the managing body of a bustling financial and business district readily took to us for some of their pressing digital needs.

This isn’t just for the private sector either! We’ve also worked with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on projects like the recent Marawi relief effort, using the Mobile360 platform as a means of sending government broadcasts via SMS in the absence of other means in the then-embattled region.

If anything, we’re still on our way to making technology more human for the rest of us, but it’s been great thus far.

Nice meeting you.