Sep 28 2017

Leading animation firm gets major system upgrade

Leader in the digital production industry, posted an improved cost visibility and revenue in just two years after getting a major workflow update.

With innovations provided Yondu, the animation trailblazer was able to integrate in its existing workflow an automated system that tracks and manages the production flow of the company.

The customized system includes dashboard and project management, episode creation, scene creation, library creation, in-out tracker creation, lead sheet generation, user management, content management, notifications, and non-repudiation features.

Yondu’s technological boost worked well for the company’s various media production, which includes printed documentation and animated video, and put into the flow, even ahead, of current industry standards and practices.

This upgrade, which automates production processes to provide a more efficient, easier monitoring of project and its resources, has also increased Top Draw’s cost visibility and revenue by 15%, a clear sign of technological efficiency.