LinkedIn User Group X Yondu: The Recruiter's Role In Employer Branding

Dec 19 2018

Employer Branding and the Recruiter: A Lookback

“Branding” has always been so often equated to advertising and marketing tactics. After all, it has always been one of the main selling points of any company towards their clients and customers. According to, “your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors’.”

In a sense, this definition does sound like something only a corporations’ marketing or advertising department would care about. And searching about branding often results to branding strategies, brand logo, design interface, etc. But have you ever stopped to realize that even the other departments of your business could carry and strengthen your brand for you?

This is the premise of the “The Recruiter’s Role in Employer Branding”, a seminar event organized by LinkedIn User Groups in partnership with Yondu. Talent Acquisition officers from different companies gathered to learn more on how their efforts can better reinforce the branding values, beliefs, and personality of their company.

Part of the discussions included how recruiters should always learn and embody the values, voice, and other personality aspects that relate what their company’s brand is about. This is very important because a huge part of the total branding is dependent on what the brand voice sounds like, and what message should it be delivering. Anything else that doesn’t fall into this characterization is considered an off-strategy move that can potentially confuse applicants and turn them off.

Thanks to LinkedIn User Groups for such a great time as we all learned more about how branding can also be reinforced by the most unexpected people in the company! ‘Till the next event!