5 Ways to Promote Employee Empowerment Through Cloud Collaboration

3 minutes read - October 07, 2022 - by Yondu Team
Boost employee engagement, enhance productivity and employee empowerment through Cloud collaboration. Read this blog to learn more.
employee empowerment through cloud collaboration

More and more companies are moving their processes to the Cloud to better promote employee empowerment through Cloud collaboration.

Empowered employees equate to an empowered organization. It is unlikely to find a strong business that does not enable its workforce.

Working in an advanced digital landscape, it is crucial to enable employees by giving them a technological edge that will enhance performance while cultivating their passion to grow with the business.

Effectively enhancing team management via Cloud collaboration gets the job done and introduces opportunities for improving current business processes.

In this blog, we’ll drill down into five easy steps to empower your employees through Cloud collaboration.

What is Cloud Collaboration?

Cloud collaboration breaks the barriers of the conventional setup.

Data, processes, and systems are moved to one location (the Cloud), where team members can simultaneously access and perform day-to-day tasks.

The Cloud gives organizations a single source of truth, eliminating confusion and miscommunication, effectively boosting overall team efficiency and productivity.

Collaborating via the Cloud is also more cost-effective compared to on-site set-up. Studies show companies utilizing Cloud services save as much as 30% to 50% overall costs.

Virtually every business in any industry can move their business processes to the Cloud and take advantage of its streamlined, multi-faceted, and connected environment.

Employee Empowerment Through Cloud Collaboration

Misalignment and miscommunication are the most common reasons team members lose focus and engagement. This is especially true for teams working remotely or on a hybrid set-up.

There are many ways to boost team engagement and one of them is employee empowerment through cloud collaboration.

1. Real-time Alignment

With the help of Cloud, you can boost employee empowerment by allowing real-time access to work-critical, centralized data and processes.Members can see changes on the task they are working on simultaneously, reducing errors and improving turnaround time.

You can say goodbye to missed appointments and deadlines with Cloud collaboration.

Its user-friendly interface and compatibility with other Cloud-based tools allow seamless connectivity. This means assigning and completing tasks, setting appointments and meetings, project management, and other activities can be done anytime, anywhere.

2. No More Lengthy Meetings and Emails

Provide employees access to templates, data, and knowledge base through the Cloud and eliminate having to send lengthy emails and holding frequent meetings.

Migrate your company’s knowledge database onto the Cloud where your team can refer to it whenever the need arises.

You can share presentations on the Cloud and get everyone on the same page during meetings or training sessions. The right mix of visual and verbal communication makes for an ideal collaborative approach as hosts can share their screens with participants real-time. 

Compared to emails, meetings done via Cloud collaboration are more engaging. Everyone can share their insight during discussions and leaders can answer questions on the spot.

3. Automate Tedious Processes

Your team can focus on more important tasks with the help of automation.

Do you find yourself spending hours completing a certain task? You can automate lengthy and tedious processes on the Cloud and allocate resources to more pressing business matters.

Whether it is data processing, email and social media marketing, or project management, Cloud services can be optimized to address your unique operations requirements.

4. Spot and Resolve Issues Right Away

Human error and bad data can cost businesses over US$3.1 trillion annually, according to reports. This is why the best time to solve a problem is before it happens.

Compared to manual and legacy system reporting that are typically generated on a weekly or monthly basis, Cloud collaboration gives users access to real-time data.

Team leaders and managers get access to real-time reporting, allowing them to make a swift yet informed business decision.

5. Centralized Communication

There is no room for missed commitments, sales, and opportunities for growth in the digital sphere and your business is no exception.

Keep communication lines open and available anytime of day on the Cloud. Equipped with chat rooms and instant messaging, reaching out to team members and other departments has never been easier even on a remote set-up. 

The centralized communication system effectively eliminates communication barriers, which means no more missed messages and deadlines. Existing tools can also be used via the Cloud, making it the perfect avenue for remote collaboration.

The Best Time for Cloud Collaboration is NOW

Stop losing your best talents to competitors.

As a tech industry leader, Yondu offers sophisticated Cloud services that allow businesses to overcome hybrid collaboration hurdles. Empower your team with the right skills and tools and allow them to realize their future with your organization.

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