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Nov 6 2018

Cybersecurity: The Do’s and Don’ts of Information Security

Corporate cybersecurity can’t just rest on a business’ technological setup and processes – it should also be strengthened by efforts and precautions from the employees themselves. One of the most common causes of corporate cybersecurity breach is when employees fail to uphold maximum security measures to ensure that they are not compromising their data – from login details to copies of sensitive company information.

To strengthen Information Security in the company, the following do’s and don’ts must be upheld at all times:


Employ these cybersecurity measures in your company!

Computer/Data Usage

DO: Adhere to company policies on usage of any device in the company. This includes desktop computers/laptops, work phones. WiFi, etc.

DON’T: Don’t download or install programs without the knowledge of the IT personnel or department. Moreover, don’t install programs you don’t need for work and those that might need firewall exemption unless absolutely necessary.



DO: Scan all emails before opening them, and make sure that you only open emails from legitimate senders. When in doubt, crosscheck with old emails from the same sender.

DON’T: Don’t open links from spam emails or those that seem dubious. Many phishing sites have telltale signs of fraud on their URLs.


Surfing Web

DO: Make sure to use a firewall and have a strong antivirus program running on your device. Install adblockers and protective extensions on your browser to safeguard your surfing.

DON’T’S: Don’t download documents, media, or any form of online content from suspicious websites, especially if it is from pirating websites.



DO: Choose reputable, well-known e-Commerce websites or platforms that have security measures on both sharing buyer/seller data, especially if you are using your credit card to pay.

DON’T: Don’t make any online shopping transactions while you are connected to a public network or are using a public computer. You can never be too sure on how much you can protect your data while on them.



DO: Do keep your passwords and other login details confidential. Use a combination of alphanumeric characters, different character cases, and symbols to make your password harder to guess.

DON’T: Do not share your password. Do not write your password down– you can easily lose this paper and compromise your accounts.


Don’t Compromise Your Business

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