Dealing With Holiday Sales Influx In ECommerce

Dec 6 2018

Dealing with Holiday Sales Influx in eCommerce

Holidays and other special days often attract customers of all ages, and businesses love to grab at this opportunity. Special promos and discounts, of course, attract buyers even more, especially when it comes to eCommerce shopping. Even non-holiday times such as November 11 and December 12 have become sought-after opportunities dubbed as “11.11” and “12.12” days.

And it’s an effective strategy for eCommerce-involved businesses. According to Mashable, Alibaba clocked in at an astounding $30 billion sales during Singles Day – and it wasn’t even an official holiday! It tied in with 11/11 (see the wittiness?), and the sales exceeded what is normally expected of in usual holiday sales events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

But with this kind of influx of buyers, websites can crash, systems can experience lags, or worse, things can get messy pretty quickly if you didn’t triple-check all details before the horde comes.


How do you deal with holiday sales influxes in an IT setup?


Sales season, however, means that you’re also way too busy checking all the essentials, such as stocks, logistics, payment details, etc. It’s relatively easy to forget to check the smaller details, or even the platform where you’re going to sell online.

If this is your reality when it comes to IT-related issues, it’s wise to add in some additional help that can check all the other stuff from you. In crucial events such as sales seasons, outsourcing your IT requirements can ensure that you’ll always be on the right track and the headaches that the onslaught of buyers might cause won’t end up in disastrous problems for you.

The biggest benefit here when it comes to going for Managed Services is that you’re allowing an expert to handle your processes for you while you’re busy focusing on your core responsibilities during this period. The whole holiday sale can go off smoothly even when you’re not handling the reins. It can possibly work even better as there’s another knowledgeable pair of eyes overseeing the system for you – which means that any mistakes that slipped your attention may be corrected by them instead.

12/12 is coming – are you ready for it?


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