How To Choose The Right Staff Augmentation Company For Your Needs

Oct 9 2018

How to Choose the Right Company for your Staff Augmentation Needs

New people in your workforce is always a welcome addition, as they bring with them the skills and expertise you need to drive your company forward. Partnering with a staffing company for your staff augmentation needs, then, alleviates some of the stress that comes with processing potential new employees on your end because the company does that for you. You can have peace of mind knowing that, while you work towards your organizational goals, the staffing company is screening the best people to work for you.

When selecting a staffing company to work with, consider these details:

First Factor: Type of Talent Required

  1. Type of Talent Required

While there are staffing agencies in the market who offer a varied range of talents they can provide, it’s wiser to go for a company that specialized in a specific type of talent. Focusing on a particular industry hones a staffing company’s ability to discern the deeper needs of the organizations in that niche and select the best people that fit the criteria. This eliminates job mismatch and the hassle of replacing them with someone more fit for the role.

For example, if you are looking for people with tech knowledge, it’s best to look for IT staffing companies such as Yondu as they know best what IT people must be like in terms of skills and required expertise. And with the nature of our business, we know the right solutions for the pain points in the industry, thus enabling us to send the best people to your organization.


Second Factor: Recruitment Techniques

  1. Recruiting Techniques

A staffing company should be able to augment your recruitment efforts or even top it. When selecting the right company, make sure that they are able to find more than you can or know/can scour more recruiting channels than what you’ve been using. Find out as well if your potential staffing company partner is looking only for active candidates or if they go beyond and even find qualified These can be best performed by technical recruiters, which comprises Yondu’s recruitment pool.


Third Factor: Market Knowledge

  1. Market Knowledge

Industries experience changes in trends and challenges, but a strong and capable staffing company is always aware of these and can adapt to them, making sure that their process is always on the top if its game. If your prospective staffing company doesn’t know what goes on in the industry and the external factors that affect these changes, it may be wise to shift over to a company that does. Because they know what’s new with the industry they’re operating in, they can also select candidates that possess this quality as well, helping you gain employees that won’t stagnate in what they know.


Fourth Factor: Transparency

  1. Transparency

Clear communication is the key for a strong relationship between your organization and the staffing company – and that means that the staffing company must be able to provide you with clear-cut documents on what it can and can’t do for you, cost breakdowns, and everything else that they can offer you. They should also be capable of answering your questions in a way that you understand what they’re talking about even with little prior knowledge of a staffing company’s processes. These foster trust between you and the staffing company and makes sure that you can set your expectations realistically.


Fifth Factor: Additional Services

  1. Additional Services

Every staffing company has its own fair share of additional services they can offer your company for a price or as part of their standard procedure. Some can provide training on your behalf to the new recruits processed through them, or conduct skills testing before onboarding. Yondu’s edge, for example, is that our process is more mature than others – from recruitment, delivery, and support. We also have a dedicated HRBP per account. This way, you’re sure that someone is 100% committed to your business.

Align your needs and expectations to the services that can be provided to you by the staffing company to make sure that your goals and requirements are adequately met.


Ready to make a choice?

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