Workforce Managers

The Workforce Manager is responsible for managing and providing direction in forecasting workforce requirements. Manages the baseline and inventory of technical skills and capabilities of the existing IT workforce, conducts industry skills benchmarking, incorporates emerging and future skills to ensure an agile and future-proof workforce plan.

Location: YONDU HQ

Status: For Pooling

# of Positions Available: 1

Job Description


  • Designs and oversees implementation of effective workforce planning and management systems and processes to enable efficient capacity planning and talent mobility based on skills and capability requirements of the Business Unit.
  • Recommends short and long-term solutions including technology enabled systems and processes for effective workforce planning and management based on comprehensive study of the relevant data.
  • Delivers operational and project related reporting and analytics that transform, optimize, deliver and support Tech-wide workforce reporting, analytics and insights.
  • Oversees important aspects of workforce optimization such as productivity, capacity planning, creating and communicating forecasts and schedules with Program Directors to enable efficient and timely delivery of the project.
  • Ensures delivery of projects within performance metrics, budgets, required skills, and resources.
  • Leads the Workforce Analysts in defining the business unit goals and identifying the current and future workforce demands.
  • Reports to the management team the IT workforce requirements, opportunities and challenges, and strategy to make informed decisions in workforce management.
  • Maintains a database of resources that includes availability, preferences, and skills.
  • Takes a proactive approach with Program Directors and HRBPs to recommend workforce fulfillment plans based on the capacity planning and current capabilities of the workforce for each cluster and project.
  • Collaborates with HRBP and Talent Acquisition to define Talent Attraction and Retention strategy based on workforce plan.
  • Ensures allocation of people with the right skills at the right time for the right role.
  • Forecasts the volumes of resources needs to be based on historical data/metrics and current trends (e.g., capability requirements, skills, etc,)
  • Manages and mentors subordinates/WFA effectively for continuous career growth.
  • Other job-related activities that may be assigned from time to time.
Job Qualifications/Requirements
  • Education – At least graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in IT, Mathematics or Statistics, or any related course.
  • Related Experience – A seasoned Workforce Manager with at least 5 - 8 years experience in managing workforce operations with the client and/or management team.
  • Knowledge: knowledgeable in the following
    • Expertise in capacity planning, forecasting, real-time management, reporting, and scheduling
    • Expertise in database applications such as MS Office (Excel, Google App, Powerpoint), or ability to learn technology very quickly
    • Expertise in scheduling, planning & forecasting methodology
    • Proficient in the use of workforce management tools
  • Skills :
    • Must have the ability to lead a team and project
    • Must have excellent organizational, project management, and presentation skills
    • Must have the ability to work with large amounts of data to identify trends and patterns
    • Must have the ability to lead and manage multiple, complex, ongoing tasks and projects
    • Must have high attention to detail with a strong desire to optimize procedures and processes
    • Must have strong verbal and written communication skills
    • Must have the ability to manage and keep highly confidential information and conversations