Solutions Architect

This role provides technical solutions to deliver all project requirements. Senior SA will ensure that SA solutions must be efficient, effective, flexible, secure and quality driven.

Location: YONDU HQ

Status: Active

# of Positions Available: 1

Job Description
  • A Subject Matter Expert in providing technical solutions for the projects such as Application Architecture, Database Architecture, Infrastructure, Integration and any other system analysis and design needed
  • Design and implement long-term strategic goals and short-term tactical plans to manage and maintain existing or new technology and software
  • Provide technical direction, expertise and assistance to stakeholders like Business Analysts and software development teams
  • Review new and existing solutions design for compliance with standards and architectural plans
  • Must produce solution documents and communicate plans to stakeholders like Business Analysts and software development teams
  • Audit or ensure that project development followed the approved technical solutions
  • Handle and manage all software development requirements such as repositories, development servers and others
  • Participates in training, design, documentation and delivery efforts with the Project Manager
  • Aware of technology trends with relation to system or software development trends as much as possible
  • Lead the development in terms of solutions or methodologies
  • Provide assistance to SA team for any SA related tasks
  • Participate in proposal generation; i.e. review of the requirement, designing application features and architecture, coming up with the development estimates
  • Manage SA solutions through approval before endorsing to respective members 
  • Formulate initiatives to increase skills, quality & efficiency for the SA team
  • Perform screening and interview for all SA applications
  • Participate in process standardization and/or improvement on SA related tasks
  • Any other work-related duties that may be assigned
Job Qualifications/Requirements
  • Excellent Communications Skills Required, with Experience in Client presentation 
  • Education: 
    • Bachelor’s Degree, or Master’s Degree in IT, Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject 
  • Experience: 
    • At least 7++ years experience in software development by providing technical solutions such as system architecture, infrastructure design and database structure.
    • At least 4++ years experience in software engineer role such as web and mobile application development 
  • Technical/Functional Skills: 
    •  A background in software development with ability to code at some level and knowledge of APIs and SDKs. 
    • Experience with different software development languages like PHP, Java, Python, .NET and a willingness to learn new technologies if needed. 
    • Experience on web service integration (SOAP, REST, JSON, XML) 
    • Experience in any integration protocols like SMPP, UCP and HTTP and others 
    • Experience in setting up networks, routers, switches, firewalls, SANs, servers and operating systems 
    • Experience in version control (e.g. SVN, GIT) 
    • Excellent debugging and optimization skills 
    • Experience in AWS 
  • Soft Skills: 
    • Capable of handling a team 
    • Must have strong analytical skills, highly detailed and process-oriented 
    • Must have strong communication and presentation skills in English and Filipino 
    • Must have strong business/client engagement skills 
    • Must be assertive, results-oriented and able to multitask 
    • Must possess strong negotiation skills 
    • Strong interpersonal skills demonstrating ability to work independently and with cross-functional team
    • Must be adept to work in a fast-paced environment with tight SLAs