Release Managers

The Release Manager is responsible for managing the complete software delivery life cycle.

Location: YONDU HQ

Status: For Pooling

# of Positions Available: 1

Job Description
  • Manages and coordinates with Prodman Rollout and PCM Leads for the schedule and prioritization of business demands.
  • Manages the end-to-end activity of SIMPLE to COMPLEX demands within the Platform Config Mgt Team - From Release to Design and Implementation.
  • Conducts and provides a daily status update of every demand on their pipe with the Globe Release Team
  • Performs the following administrative tasks such as but not limited to:
  • Updates platform tracker using App sheet.
  • Daily alignment and monitoring of demands.
  • Monthly demands report creation.
  • Creates and reviews the completeness and correctness of the Work Implementation Plan.
  • Performs product development and database management.
  • Understands and visualizes test scenarios that may be used in analyzing and solutioning the business requirement.
  • Conducts internal testing and prepares necessary documents and approval for the implementation strategy.
  • Performs data extraction requests based on business needs.
  • Conducts configuration fixes on platforms managed by PCM affected by production issues based on agreed SLA.
  • Provides project delivery resources needed to support, onboard, and transition new capabilities for each platform managed by PCM based on an assigned full-time employee.
  • Analyzes and extracts different data records and logs (for AD HOC requests).
  • Analyzes, troubleshoots, and provides solutions on issues encountered in testing, deployment, and post-RFS projects.
  • Performs administrative tasks including but not limited to reporting, KPI monitoring, etc.
  • Other job-related activities that may be assigned from time to time.
Job Qualifications/Requirements
  • Education –    At least graduate with a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in IT or any related course
  • Related Work Experience - At least 6+ years of relevant experience focusing on configuration management.
  • Knowledge
    • SQL
    • UNIX
    • CRM
    • API
    • Different Protocols (HTTPS/HTTPS, Diameter Gy/Sy/Gx)
    • PUTTY
    • SFTP
    • PHP and Web Server
    • Different SQL query and DB management
    • Create a complex script using SHELL or PERL
    • Use of network protocol analyzer for tracing and snipping
    • PS and CS core for SMS Call and Data flow
    • Deep Packet Inspection for traffic validation and tracing
    • Configuration of API integration and routing logic algorithm
    • Data manipulation using Linux OS
    • POC support in staging and production
    • Creation of script for a Bulk API trigger
    • Data manipulation using Linux command
    • Tracing and snipping for integration
    • Traffic validation using network protocol analyzer (e.g Wireshark)
    • Creation of script using Perl and shell
    • Running of different script tools such as seeding and extraction.
    • Logs checking and data records extraction.
    • API testing using different API tools such as soapui, postman, or command line.
    • Troubleshoot integration and connectivity issues
    • IP traffic validation on Globe DPI (must know how to use an IP calculator)
  • Skills
    • Must have the ability to communicate with business and provide solution and recommendation
    • Must have the ability to support extended hours, weekend work, and 24/7 on-call support
    • Must have the ability to focus on deadlines and deliverables.
    • Must have the ability to lead a team or small project.
    • Must be adept to work in a fast-paced environment with tight SLAs and Project Schedules.