Information Security Analyst


Job Responsibilities


1) Resolve and address detected vulnerabilities

2) Monitor computer networks and intrusion detection for security issue

3) Recommend and install appropriate tools and countermeasures

4) Manage information security incidents

5) Research the latest information security trends and make a recommendation to management

6) Analyze information security breaches to determine the root cause

7) Develop company-wide best practices for IT security

8) Investigate cybersecurity and other information security breaches

9) Other duties assigned

Location: Makati

Status: Active

# of Positions Available: 7


1. Education: Graduate of BS Computer Science, IT, or any related

2. Experience: Minimum of 2 yrs experience in IT Security

3. Understanding of network infrastructure, firewalls, antivirus, and other information security related.

4. Ability to identify and mitigate network vulnerabilities and explain how to avoid them.

5. With information security related certification is a plus, e.g. ITIL, CEH, CompTIA, CISSP

Foundational Competencies



-JD-AVP-006 / Rev 0 / 11.3.2017




-Personal Competencies

-Drive to Excel

-Drive to Serve


-Analytical Thinking/Problem Solving

-Digital Competence

-Knowledge in Information Security standards

Technical Competencies

-Organizational, communication and documentation skills

-Knowledgeable in Windows and Linux operating systems

-Knowledgeable in computer network penetration testing and techniques

-Must be a Team player

-Must possess analytical, problem solving and communication skills