Finance Data Analyst

1. Ensure and maintain data quality

2. Understand and develop data models

3. Provides business insights

Location: YONDU HQ

Status: For Pooling

# of Positions Available: 1


* Assist in the collection of business requirements from customers, transforming those requirements into data schema & database data processes

* Ensure data sanitization & accuracy

* Navigate & operate applications for data retrieval, create new or improved applications/reporting as required

* Maintain the accuracy, integrity & reliability of key BI systems


* Understand and develop data Models appropriate to business requirements

* Identify & communicate factors other than requirements that affect which solutions are viable

* Know where to find the data & how to conduct mathematical estimations

* Develop &/or implement tools for data acquisition, extraction, transformation, management & manipulation of large & complex data sets

* Improve data source, quality & relevance within big data framework (weblog, location points, etc.)

* Help internal stakeholders in understanding, interpreting & analyzing massive data sets

* Ensure that data coming into the system is clean & accurate

* Sift through mountains of data to discover the data that is actually needed

* Explore, extract information, model, mine, & experiment with data to answer critical business issues;

* Develop big data framework combining different products , SKUs etc


* Apply exploratory analytics to solve business problems

* Discover insights through exploration of data trends

* Develop visualization & storytelling to support presentation

* Craft easy-to–consume narratives & actionable insights from complex concepts using advanced data visualization & presentation skills.


* Creates Management and Operational reports to help manage business drivers and results

* Conceptualizes and executes process improvement projects to increase team efficiency

Work Experience: At least 5 years' work experience in analytics / data science, operations or project management handling management reporting, business casing or operations tracking Level of Knowledge: Graduate of any Engineering, Management, Statistics or Accounting course. Keen understanding of business processes, Network and IT systems. Skills & Competencies:

• Proficient tableau user and/or other data analysis software

• Proficient user of statistical tools

• Excel Mastery

• PowerPoint Mastery

• Flowchart Proficiency

• Clear, concise communication skills

* Proficient in Google Studio