Data Miner/Insighting Specialist


Key Responsibilities


Data Management and Exploration


-Extraction, exploration and manipulation of large and complex data sets -- combining telco data with various external sources of data (digital, social, etc) for Analytics and Insighting

-Help internal stakeholders in understanding, interpreting and analyzing massive data sets


Analytics and Insighting:


-Come up with sensible analytical methodologies using a combination of descriptive and inferential statistical methods to perform exploratory data analysis.

-Craft easy-to–consume narratives and actionable insights from complex concepts with advanced data visualization and presentation skills

-Support internal business partners to understand their goals and needs allowing them to make informed decisions backed by quantitative evidence

-Draws out and communicates useful insights, actionable interpretations, alternative approaches and solutions.

-Collaborate with business sponsors and different stakeholders to understand and if needed, operationalize analytical findings.


Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration


-Acts as analytics consultant to internal business users and serve as point person for questions related to data, measurement methodology and analytical techniques

-Support internal stakeholders in use of data and various analytical tools to generate and communicate insights

-Provides training, demonstration, documentation and other support to drive the change management process and expand the use of analytics throughout the organization

-Support the drive for change management process to ensure the analytical developments are adopted by relevant internal teams.

-Develop relationships with external data and analytics partners and interact as needed.

-Keep updated with new analytical and insighting techniques and be extremely knowledgeable of industry standards and trends.

Location: Client Sites

Status: Active

# of Positions Available: 5


Work Experience


Two (2) to three (3) years’ experience in customer analytics domain covering most of the following: data mining, data analytics, insighting, statistical analysis, large scale data acquisition, transformation, and cleaning, both structured and unstructured data

Proven track record of managing and collaborating on analytical initiatives

Level of Knowledge


Degree in quantitative discipline such as Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Econometrics or Information Science such as Business Analytics or Informatics

Has Knowledge of both structured and unstructured data

Must possess core competencies, deep understanding and relevant experience in:

Scripting or programming experience: familiarity in programming languages with relational databases such as SQL, Hive

Data Analysis and Visualization tools: hands on experience with tools such as Tableau, Python, R, Spark and other analytical tools or software.

Familiar with most of the following disciplines:

Descriptive Statistics: being able to define the appropriate summary statistic to use in data profiling;

Hypothesis Testing: being able to develop hypothesis and test them with careful experiments;

Statistical Analysis: to understand causal relationships and correlations.

Exploratory Data Analysis: to perform deep dive analysis using a combination of statistical and advanced visualization techniques based on historical data to infer behavioral patterns for prescriptive analytics.




Strategic and Business Acumen

Decision Making and Accountability

Resourceful Planning and Organizing

Change management skills




Data Management/Programming

Data Mining, Analytics

Presentation Skills/Ability to communicate findings to both business and IT

Collaborative Team

Results Orientation

Inspiring self – must possess intellectual curiosity to enjoy problem solving and ask the right questions to arrive at an insight