AC2E Cadetship and Enablement Program

Boost your knowledge, skills, and competencies with this premier cadetship and enablement program. Fresh graduates are encouraged to grab this opportunity!

Location: YONDU HQ

Status: Active

# of Positions Available: 20

AC2E Cadetship and Enablement Program

Build on your skills and competencies with lectures, discussions with experts, and immersion throughout your cadetship journey. Plus, have the chance to jumpstart your career in the IT industry!


- Involved in technical user groups

- High propensity to learn new things and immensely curious

- Must be willing to work in an ever-changing environment and ambigious requirements

- Must be able to think analytically and logically, and has good problem solving skills

- Must know how to maximize available resources and learn by themselves

- Comp Sci, IT, Engineering, Mathematics or any STEM-related courses

- Graduate of any 2-year associate course or 4-year Bachelor course

- Have graduated in the last 12 months

- Must pass technical assessment and Harrison Suitability Assessment