Business Analyst


Requirements Management


1. Reviews high-level business user requirements (BUR).

2. Gathers, consolidates and analyzes detailed BURs from sponsor, stakeholders, and/or subject matter experts (SME).

3. Conducts BUR walkthrough session/s with sponsor, stakeholders, SMEs and project team.

4. Prepares detailed BUR documentation and ensures that all requirements are captured at the proper level of detail and within the prescribed standards/guidelines.

5. Ensures that all detailed BUR artifacts are delivered within project timelines.

6. Obtains sign-off/approval of detailed BURs from all required signatories.

7. Provides status updates to project manager for monitoring of BUR-related activities.

8. Ensures latest BUR documentation is stored in the shared project repository

Location: Client Sites

Status: Active

# of Positions Available: 27

Requirements Clarification

1. Provides support to the respective teams for BUR clarification during development and testing phases.

2. Resolves callouts/issues related to business requirements, by liaising with stakeholders/SMEs and affected team/s.

3. Reviews and provides feedback on traceability of BURs to technical/testing artifacts.


Change Management

1. Gathers and analyzes detailed requirements for change requests relating to change in scope/requirements.

2. Updates BUR documentation impacted by change requests.