Feb 19 2018

Business in the Cloud

Cloud services is a growing innovation in the technological world. Apple, Google, and other tech giants provide a cloud feature where users can store their data. This allows users to access their data anywhere, with any device as long as there is internet connection. An example is Apple’s Icloud service where Apple users can store music, movies, and more which they can manage and monitor on their own. The cloud focuses on the data needs of a user, but it can extend its functionality for businesses as well. Companies can really benefit from cloud related services because it would be easy for them to manage their own data like how gadget users manage their music, movies, etc. The cloud is a growing environment for data, and its potential does not stop on personal data only. 

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the use of internet to deliver hardware and software services instead of having physical hardware and software in the workplace. Cloud computing lets users store, manage, access, and process data on the internet instead of a local server or a personal computer. This process makes use of a network of remote servers who can reach those who have access to the internet.  

Why do Companies Cloud Compute?

Businesses start to realize that having an IT department is not their core competency. They make use of cloud computing to focus solely on their business. Taking up a cloud computing application like is deemed to be more cost effective, reliable, and allows them to allocate resources to more needs.

When there are shifts or changes in the market, business are less flexible to adapt and take advantage of them due to their significant investments in technology. They are less capable responding to competitive pressures because the capital, people, or time are not available in the measure needed to react. Cloud computing takes away those barriers because they allow the company to direct the use of technology to their sole business, without worrying about the costs of an onsite data center.

For small and medium enterprises, cloud computing is a really good investment considering the amount of labor and capital to be saved from IT departments to focus on their business itself. This gives them the capability to worry less about technological demands and to focus on their market needs instead.

Cloud computing gives lets companies do business without borders. They can have access to their applications and data anytime and anywhere there is internet connection. Nowadays since data connections are stronger, more people will access to the internet on the go.  

What does Yondu do?

Yondu provides a managing service where Yondu handles the digital and technological needs of a company. They manage, monitor, and support businesses to help them scale up the digital economy. Yondu’s Managed Services acts as the single point of contact for all IT related concerns and requests. They incorporate application support and maintenance services while driving down IT spend by optimizing hardware and software assets.

Without the need for deploying IT specialists, Yondu handles the technological components of different companies. This method allows the companies to focus more on their business while Yondu takes care of the technological processes within their own environment.

What else can Yondu do?

Yondu is a B2B company where one of their key attributes is to allocate IT specialists to different companies. They provide the care and maintenance of other companies’ technological mainframe.

For Yondu to save cost and labor, creating their own cloud computing app that they can sell to different companies is a great opportunity. Yondu thrives in their IT staffing because there are big companies who have the capacity to own IT departments. But for those companies planning to invest low on technological data management, a good way for Yondu to aid on that is to deploy an application that works on its own. Yondu can lessen the labor work by letting the companies integrate the app on their business ventures alone. All Yondu needs to do is to maintain the cloud computing app’s server, and the company does their own data management. Yondu will provide the tools for the companies use it themselves.

Creating an application will add to Yondu’s IT support flexibility. They give the option for companies to handle their own data by just providing the technological framework. This gives a cost-efficient method for businesses with limited resources to have a steady cloud service for their data management.