Inventory Management System

Make better decisions -- and money -- by improving your warehouse inventory with the help of Yondu's Inventory Management System.


Yondu’s inventory management system will boost your stocking method efficiency and improve your warehouse inventory. With this web-based technology, you can create the ideal system you need to effectively run your company’s warehouse from tracking your items to predicting when you’ll have to restock so you won’t run out.

Business Challenge

Don’t miss anything on your inventory with the help of Yondu’s sales and inventory management system! Partner with Yondu in creating your own system so you’ll constantly be in the know with sharable and interactive real-time reports, customizable depending on which part of the supply chain you want to see at a time.
By tapping our service, we make sure you won’t have to deal with stockouts. Track the movements of your product from shelf to cart.


Your specific needs require tailor-made output. With Yondu’s service, you can customize and simplify your dashboards to match your requirements. There will be no “blink and you’ll miss it” moments as we offer total traceability of your goods from warehouse bin to sale order.
Experience a hassle-free service as Yondu offers a smooth integration of various systems in one place, including Enterprise Resource Planning and Billing Management System.


We will do the backtracking, monitoring, and demand forecasting for you while you wait. Let Yondu give you a hand in transforming your inventory from manual to digital so you won’t have to break a sweat while running a successful