Content Management System

Looking for a system to help manage web content? Check out what Yondu has in store for you.


Create, manage and publish web content even without needing to know how HTML, CSS or other technical knowledge works and keep your content updated for a more productive workflow with Yondu’s Content Management System (CMS).

Business Challenge

No need to write all the codes you need to create a website with the help of the top content management system in the Philippines. With Yondu, you can create and store content, manage workflow, and publish your content with an interface that’s easy to comprehend so you can see what your visitors can view once they pop in your website or app. Update your contents via API and connect your data to your application instantly.
Customize your website as content management system lets you to change designs easily without encountering complicated softwares. With Yondu’s help, manage your data in one place, whether for internal or commercial use, with the scalability to keep up with your demands without sacrificing performance.


With our Content Management System’s collaborative nature and multiple log-ins, you can do more in such a short time. Access the CMS from any browser that’s connected to the internet, even remotely, no matter how many the users are.
With easy-to-use and customizable templates, your website will have a consistent feel althroughout. Our SEO-friendly CMS will put you at the top of searches so you can gain more traffic to your site, helping you in sustaining and increasing business productivity.


Investing on Yondu’s Content Management System will give you the scalability and flexibility you need on your website to help you draw more traffic and invite more revenue, even as you work on-the-go. By partnering with Yondu, you can take control without going too technical so you can concentrate on improving your business.