Sep 28 2017

Big PH real estate firm taps Yondu for strategic solutions

One of the Philippines’ most diversified real estate companies continues to dominate the industry by regularly improving its systems and services, especially in this age of ever-changing technological landscape.

An innovator itself, the real estate firm knows the value of technological efficiency, the reason why it tapped the country’s leading IT solutions firm Yondu for its latest operational streamlining.

In fact, the real estate firm has been running a smoother, cost-effective booking system that takes advantage of available technology, thanks to a front-end, digital booking and reservation site developed and maintained by Yondu.

Even processes, such as broker commission calculations, reservation and amortization fees, have also been automated by Yondu in just a span of one year.

Yondu has also consolidated general intensive financial reports by working closely with the real estate firm and producing a solution that supports its business operations.

Yondu provided the real estate firm with a better customer relationship management (CRM) system and quality assurance services that makes sure the company stays on top of the game.

The real estate firm develop properties in the areas of industrial, commercial, mixed-use communities, retail, corporate business, residential, recreational, and infrastructure projects.