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Yondudes’ Updates: What We’ve Been Up To

4 minutes read - August 16, 2018 - by Yondu Team
It’s been some time since the last update, hasn’t it? Yondu has been up to a lot these days, and things just get better and better for the whole organization. But in the midst of providing top IT solutions for our roster of clientele, keeping...

It’s been some time since the last update, hasn’t it? Yondu has been up to a lot these days, and things just get better and better for the whole organization. But in the midst of providing top IT solutions for our roster of clientele, keeping up to date with the changes and trends in the Philippine technology industry, and everything else in between, the Yondudes (yes, that’s us) aren’t just burying themselves in work.

One of the great things about being part of the leading IT solutions company that is Yondu is how the company takes care of everyone in it. We aren’t just interested in what an employee can bring us in terms of their skills and expertise. There is holistic growth that everyone can expect and enjoy as part of Yondu, and enjoy it we shall!


Treating the Team

Yondu's Birthday Treat for the July Celebrants

Let’s start with some of the traditional celebrations in Yondu: the birthday and payday treats! Every month, Yondu celebrates our most valuable assets, our employees, through a monthly birthday celebration for all Yondudes born within the month.

Last July 26, 2018, we had a party nostalgic of a Filipino childhood birthday celebration with a party package from Jollibee, which included the staple food from Jollibee, games, and prizes. At the end, we got the Yondudes to fully let loose as we set them up for a pabitin filled with chocolate treats – a true callback to all the things we loved about attending birthday parties as children!


Yondu's July Payday Treat

The next day, we also had a payday treat – another staple at Yondu – where employees can relax and enjoy free food provided for them by the company. Last month, we had a food cart that can provide 350 servings of fresh fruit shakes – more than enough for everyone at the headquarters!

There was also a zumba session conducted by an instructor that we coordinated with through our HMO provider. A subtle effort to get back on the healthy track after the fast food feast from the day before, don’t you think?


Run, Run, Run

Yondu at the 42nd MILO Marathon

As part of our Health and Wellness program, Yondu, in partnership with Runrio Events, Inc., attended the 42nd National MILO Marathon last July 29, 2018 at the SM Mall of Asia. This is Yondu’s third foray into this kind of event since 2016, and participating Yondudes enjoy free registration and breakfast after the race. The Milo Marathon had a 3KM/5KM fun run, 10KM run, 21KM half marathon, and 42KM full marathon.

This year, 44 Yondudes joined the event, along with three from our ManCom: Ms. Chachi Cordero (who ran the 21KM half marathon), Ms. Judith Tubil (who participated in the 10KM run), and Mr. Ramon Hirang (who raced in the 42KM full marathon). Newly-hired employees also joined in on the event, and we’re more than happy to report that our participants were noteworthy finishers despite the weather!


Rainy Day Fun

Yondu Teambuilding 2018 (Batch 1)

Yondu Team Building 2018 (Batch 2)

Yondu Teambuilding 2018 (Ms. Q&A Batch 1)

Yondu Teambuilding 2018 (Ms. Q&A Batch 2)

Most recently, our Yondudes took some time to get out of the office and strengthen bonds with one another with a two-part Teambuilding at the scenic The Greenery in Bulacan. The first batch had their teambuilding last August 10-11, 2018, and the second batch had theirs afterwards last August 11-12, 2018.

The event’s theme, “Have Fun sa Tag-Ulan!” truly was realized as activities were carried out come rain or shine (and it did rain – hard!), which didn’t dampen the teams’ collective fighting spirit and camaraderie. With ten teams competing against each other in various activities such as the three-pillar 8-man tower (where 8 people must form a tower but only three feet are allowed to touch the ground), caterpillar run, the 5-man ski race, and the archer-rabbit-wall game (akin to rock-paper-scissors), teamwork, problem-solving skills, and cooperation were built and tested between both old and new employees.

For some entertainment, both batches also bore witness to a “Ms. Q&A”, where select male participants from various departments participated as pageant contestants as they try to win the crown of “Ms. Q&A 2018” by being both charming and witty. Truly, it was a fun and memorable experience full of laughs and cheers!


Being one of the best in the industry doesn’t mean that the team has to have their faces glued to their screens at every second of every working day. At Yondu, we take time to be more than workers – we also grow as people, and Yondu gives us these opportunities to unwind and enjoy so we can come back to our work invigorated to be more and do more.

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