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Yondu supports Globe’s bold move to go beyond telco

4 minutes read - October 22, 2021 - by Yondu Team
Yondu, a top IT company and Globe’s IT subsidiary enables many of the solutions in the Globe Business eComm Plug-and-Play to help retail businesses meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers.
Yondu supports Globe's bold move to go beyond telco blog featured image

Telecommunication companies worldwide are now expanding their products and services, offering not just connectivity but also other innovative solutions to help build future-ready societies.

In the Philippines, the country’s leading telecom Globe has expanded its business portfolio to enable a robust digital ecosystem for Filipinos, especially in the era of physical distancing.

While keeping telco as the center of its business, Globe diversified its offerings to include fintech, ad tech, and eCommerce, among others.

These solutions were specifically designed to empower businesses across all industries and individuals across all generations.

To enable these innovations, Globe leverages the robust ICT capabilities of its technology arm, Yondu.

During the 27th National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo 2021 held last August, Yondu President and CEO Joan Penaflorida highlighted the impact of the pandemic on businesses, especially to those in the retail industry.

“We were pushed to adopt alternative solutions to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the threat of the virus; hence, our increased dependence on technology. Mobile shopping apps and eCommerce platforms, for instance, became our new norm. For this reason, retailers needed to pivot their business strategies and plans,” said Joan.

Leveraging Innovation Amid the Pandemic

Joan Penaflorida at the NRCE Retail Reboot 2021
Yondu President and CEO Joan Penaflorida talking about omnichannel retailing during the NRCE Retail Reboot 2021

As consumers’ needs and preferences evolve, so should businesses’ plans and strategies. Joan emphasized that innovation is key to remaining competitive in the marketplace.

“The pandemic tested the resilience of businesses across all industries around the globe, and those that stayed in the game and managed to thrive have a common denominator — they innovate,” she said.

A survey from McKinsey shows that the COVID-19 pandemic significantly changed the way companies across all regions and sectors do business.

The recent McKinsey Global Survey of executives revealed that companies’ digitization accelerated by three to four years, especially in the areas of customer and supply chain interaction and internal operations.

Surprisingly, companies’ share of digital or digitally enabled products likewise advanced by seven years.

Nearly all survey respondents said their companies utilized temporary solutions to meet new demands much faster than they had imagined possible pre-pandemic.

Plug-and-Play Solutions for the “Now Normal”

The retail industry was one of the worst-hit when the pandemic broke out. Stringent lockdown restrictions caused brick-and-mortar stores to suffer a nosedive in sales.

Given this, Globe came up with a solution to help retail businesses come out stronger from the pandemic.

“Globe made it its mission to support the retail industry by providing relevant business solutions. It is encompassed in Globe Business eCommerce Plug-and-Play and Contactless Solutions, which seek to transform retail operations through eCommerce and contactless solutions that offer a seamless customer experience,” Joan said.

“It essentially offers everything you need to provide that experience and ultimately achieve your other business goals. From platform development to managed services to digital marketing, Globe Business eComm Plug-and-Play helps businesses leverage omnichannel retailing to boost the customer experience at every single touchpoint, driving increased revenue for your business as a result,” she added.

Yondu, a top IT company and Globe’s IT subsidiary enables many of the solutions in the Globe Business eComm Plug-and-Play to help retail businesses meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers.

Finding the Right Business Partner

Yondu VP for Enterprise Solutions Gail Campo sharing insights about the value of technology during PRA’s Q3 2021 GMM

In the recently held Philippine Retail Association Q3 2021 General Membership Meeting, Yondu Vice President for Enterprise Solutions Gail Campo further underscored the importance of technology amid the pandemic.

She cited two powerhouses in their respective industries, Rex Bookstore and Puregold, which leveraged technology to provide omnichannel and integrated solutions for its customers with the help of Globe and Yondu.

“Starting your digital transformation is easy. You just need to find the right partner and product to help you kickstart your journey — a partner whose goal is the success of your business and addressing your pain points through technology,” Gail said.

Together with Globe, Yondu helps empower businesses by assisting them with their digital transformation journey. “Our consultative approach lets us understand what our business partners need, allowing us to develop innovative solutions that create happier technological experiences,” adds Gail.

Yondu, one of the country’s largest software development companies, is Globe’s ICT arm. It offers a wide array of innovative solutions from custom software development, managed IT services, messaging gateway, cloud businesses solutions, and ready-to-use platforms to help businesses respond to their customers’ fast-changing needs.

The IT solutions company supports Globe’s mission to help businesses become more resilient in the face of uncertainty and fuel their growth despite unprecedented times through innovative technology solutions that go above and beyond.

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