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Yondu enables unique software solutions for Rex Bookstore to aid digital learning

3 minutes read - June 16, 2021 - by Yondu Team
Rex Bookstore partnered with Globe-owned Yondu to enable three unique software solutions to aid students' transition to digital learning.
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The Philippines’ education system is facing a tough challenge.

The country ranks last in Reading and second to the last in Math and Science based on the 85 countries that took the PISA/Timms Global Assessment.

On top of that is the current pandemic situation, which forces the education sector to explore alternative ways to reach and teach students.

Rex Bookstore, the country’s prime mover for lifelong learning, sought to alleviate these challenges. It also aims to achieve one of its strategic imperatives, Reach and Access.

The company explored ways to achieve these goals and revive the book industry, accelerating its digital adoption.

Rex partnered with Globe-owned tech provider Yondu to build three unique software. These include a corporate website, an eCommerce platform, and a learning management system.

Yondu integrated these solutions into a single back-end to ensure smooth processes and transactions.

Rex Bookstore’s technical team also adopts Yondu’s agile and DevOps practices to ensure the company meets its customers’ ever-evolving needs.

Adopting Digital Solutions for the “New Normal”

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The three uniquely designed and built software aim to aid students, parents, and teachers’ transition to digital learning.

As Rex Bookstore goes digital to stay relevant, Yondu assures the company’s intellectual resources and properties are secured and cannot be reproduced.

Screenshots and screen recordings are not allowed. Users who will attempt to take photos or recordings will see a black screen.

On the other hand, Yondu ensures the three software it built for Rex Bookstore are functional and helpful, especially for Rex’s customers.

For instance, Rex’s eCommerce platform supports audio codals as the company offers these learning materials.

Today, students and teachers can buy textbooks and other e-learning materials in the comfort and safety of their homes through Rex’s eCommerce website.

Additionally, teachers and parents can guide their students and children respectively through Rex’s learning management system.

Yondu delivered these technology solutions successfully with its IT team’s expertise, best practices, and the right technologies.

Through this partnership, Rex Bookstore can pursue its mission to nurture every child for lifelong learning.

Stepping Out and Stepping Up Through Technology

little girl studying online due to covid19

Adversities, such as the pandemic push businesses to explore territories outside their comfort zones and develop innovative ways to survive.

The publishing company, known in the Philippines for years as a trusted learning solutions provider, was significantly challenged by the pandemic’s impact.

But instead of leaving its business’ fate to the current situation, Rex Bookstore decided to take control and press forward.

By advancing its digital initiatives, the company was able to respond to the evolving needs of its stakeholders.

Moreover, Rex Bookstore started embarking on a journey towards a future-ready business.

As things remain uncertain, brave steps, such as digital acceleration, make excellent growth and agility opportunities.

Digital is the way forward, and companies that adopt innovative technologies can stay relevant and ahead.

We’re here to help transform your business for a better normal.

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