Case Study

Yondu designs unique eCommerce website for activewear brand

2 minutes read - November 18, 2020 - by Yondu Team
A known activewear brand gets a uniquely designed eCommerce website. Discover how this Yondu-enabled custom solution helped the business weather the competition.

Whether you’re on your way to work or a party, you’ll likely notice people who look like they’re going to the gym. It’s easy to see why athletic wear became a fixture in mainstream apparel. 

Some people are even collecting athletic pieces, not for sports but for fashion’s sake — sneakers, for example. For this reason, competition among sportswear brands grows tighter. 

Realizing that scaling is a crucial advantage in the industry, a top sportswear company took its game up a notch. The sports and activewear brand sought to showcase its vast product lineup.

Additionally, they wanted to allow their customers to complete a purchase online. Yondu, a top IT solutions company, designed a unique e-Commerce website for the brand.

The digital store provided a platform fit for the new generation of buyers. The custom-built website allowed the company to increase its online presence and manage customers’ data.

Moreover, it allowed the brand to continuously engage with their target audience. The user-centric website also enabled the brand to build a following, primarily driven by its website marketing strategy and initiatives.

As the eCommerce website promoted an omnichannel experience, shopping was made more convenient and enjoyable for the brand’s customers. The e-commerce website also added a sales channel for the business, helping boost revenues.

By leveraging technology, the apparel company is now reaping the fruits of digital transformation.

eCommerce Website in the “New Normal”

Before COVID-19, there were an estimated 73 million internet users in the Philippines or 67 percent of its entire population. Data from We Are Social show that an average person spends nine hours and 45 minutes on the internet every day.

Interestingly, data reveals people are spending time online to do eCommerce activities. Ninety-one percent of users visit an online store using any device, while 76% complete a purchase through digital stores.

These eCommerce activities further increased when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country, accelerating eCommerce demand in the Philippines. Filipinos shifted from buying in stores to shopping online. 

Statistics reveal that this consumer behavior will likely continue even after the country has recovered from the pandemic. 

Now that people’s needs have changed, it’s essential to think of innovative ways to keep your business afloat. To meet your customers’ needs, you need to accelerate your digital transformation.

One way to do this is to set up your eCommerce website.  Yondu helps enterprises scale in the digital economy by providing tailored digital solutions, such as custom websites.

The company has also recently launched an eCommerce platform builder. This new product offering aims to help enterprises create their digital store with ready-to-use templates and tools.

Be it custom-made or ready-to-use, Yondu provides technology solutions that help future-proof businesses, especially amidst uncertain times.

Are you ready to start your digital transformation for the new normal? Visit our website to see which technology solution is right for your business.